World of Lifestyle
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World of Lifestyle and Fashion is a concept store and lifestyle destination offering products for men, women and the home. It’s located in the cozy heart of Oostpoort, Amsterdam.


Suiting all tastes

We work with local brands from Amsterdam and the Netherlands, alongside international ones who fit our philosophy.

Sustainability is on our agenda and integrated in how we work. Most of the brands we selected are using organic textiles, recycled materials and produce in the country of origin.

Our lifestyle brands make use of craftsmanship, support local communities, or have their products made in establishments providing fair employment.

We’re proud to present a diverse range of products and strive to offer a wide array of clothing to suit all tastes.

We take pleasure in creating the best service for you. Aiming to get to know you better and make you feel at home. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to advice in the best possible way.

Providing you a personalised shopping experience catering to your needs. By helping you find what you’re looking for, surprising you with new styles or advising you in making combinations.


The belt bag from @tinneandmia fits perfectly around your waist because of the adjustable strap. It’s also wearable as a cross body, so it’s almost like a little backpack!

This little puffy bag is going to be your new best friend❣️

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We’re falling for the new autumn collection! Come by and find out how to prepare yourself for colder weather🍂

#worldoflifestyleandfashion #wolfamsterdam #shopatwolf #oostpoortamsterdam #shoplocal
We’re falling for the new autumn collection! Come by and find out how to prepare yourself for colder weather🍂

#worldoflifestyleandfashion #wolfamsterdam #shopatwolf #oostpoortamsterdam #shoplocal
🤎New in: Bufandy🤎

Their soft alpaca wool shawls are big, warm and super comfy! @bufandy is consciously designed in Amsterdam and fairly produced in Ecuador & Peru.

Come and explore all their colours!

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These twiggy butter knives and skewers by @doinggoods are handmade in India. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of these items, expect slight variation in the appearance of each item. Perfect by no means, but unique all the more!🌟

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Wear your clothes as much and as long as possible, choose pieces which always make you happy, look for clothing that makes you feel strong and beautiful✨

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Sometimes all you need is a knit with a nice detail!

Like this beautiful sweater from @mosscopenhagen🧶

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The Menswear Edit

Whether you’d like to dress smart, casual or ready for the outdoors; we’re here for all your stylish needs.



The Sweater Edit

Because a beautiful sweater is timeless (and more importantly, like a blanket you can actually wear outside).



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